Are you looking for a Self-Storage facility in Crowley, Burleson, or Joshua? If you own an Esty shop, own a business, or are a musician you might be looking too.

May 22, 2017

You may be looking for a Self-Storage facility and not even know it.  There are multiple reasons to utilize self-storage.  Assist in managing your Etsy shop.  Storing inventory, or records for a business.  A place for you, or a member of your family to practice a musical instrument (drums). 

The number of handmade and one-of-a-kind products you can find within Etsy shops today is endless, and the trend of selling your trade on these online marketplaces is only increasing due to the demand of individuals wanting to buy high quality, personalized items from the comforts of their own home. With increasing popularity and growing inventory, many Etsy shop owners have turned to self-storage in order to manage their shop’s materials, inventory, and overall growth.

When you are selling high quality products and have thousands of comments from satisfied customers to support your business’ mission statement, it doesn’t take long before your Etsy shop gains popularity. However, with gaining popularity comes the demand for more products at a quicker turnover rate and the materials that make up the products can take up precious space. This is especially true if what you are selling is furniture and other large household decor.

Some Etsy shops have started in the den, living room or garage of your home.  You will find in six months or less that you were going to need a storage unit. A quote from a local Etsy shop owner “We started our business in the den of our home and within a few months we were tired of having all kinds of items take up every spare bit of space in our home. We had no room to move. We are constantly finding new items to develop and sell and needed some place to put it. It accumulates fast!”

Due to the continued growth of Etsy shops grows a demand for more space for materials, inventory and supplies.  It is easier to add a bigger self-storage unit than to tear down a wall in your home and add another 200 feet, not to mention the costs.

Music to Musicians’ Ears

Sometimes musicians, or bands need to find a place to practice.


Rock bands and self-storage units have a tumultuous marriage of convenience for decades. What better way to rock out without disturbing the neighbors than to take your act to a storage facility where the music or racket (depending on your opinion) falls on deaf or nonjudgmental ears?

At I Need Space we provide the perfect solution 10x15 unit, some have outlets.  And security for your instruments.  This way you know where your instruments are, and who is playing them.  You can get a drive up, or for a few dollars more you can play in air conditioning.

As one drummer put it “It’s a little easier as a drummer because after about three songs, your body temperature goes up.”

Across the country and in Crowley, up-and-coming country stars can focus more on becoming the next Carrie Underwood or Blake Shelton and less on critical ears.

Being in Texas, we have a high demand for rehearsal space.  There are long-term tenants. 

We offer U-Haul, too, so if they don’t have a van or tour bus, they can load all that equipment up in a U-Haul.  We try to be a one-stop shop.

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