Cut Clutter Together 

March 14, 2019

If you are looking for a Selfstorage unit in Crowley, Burleson, or Joshua I Need Space can help. If you are creating a new Household we at I Need Space in Crowley Texas want to help.  Here are some concepts to be aware of. or call us at 682-888-7708.

Combining households is an exciting next step, but moving in with your significant other can also bring its fair share of stress. Disagreements can dampen your enthusiasm, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Trying to help your parents in their next steps of life can be challenging.  Kids moving back in with their parents for a short period of time can be challenging for everyone.  But, I Need Space, offers advice to help you weather the storm while creating your new life together. 

Cut Clutter Together 

Facing the challenge as a unified front makes clutter-busting more bearable. Take individual room-by-room inventories before the move, and gather doubles and other items that don’t make the cut. If you’ll have less space per person than you had pre-move, consider selling non-essential items online or at consignment shops. Get rid of any old but worthwhile items by having a garage sale or making a donation to a charity-based thrift store or shelter. Use the profits to create a home-improvement fund, or reward yourselves with a special night out.  Keeping in mind, one person’s clutter maybe another’s treasure.

Develop a Style as a Couple, Family, or a Team

Even if you have similar taste, compromising on decor can be surprisingly challenging. If you don’t have room for all of your combined furnishings, discuss how much you can keep. Be mindful of your partner’s feelings about which items should go; he or she may be more sensitive than you realize. For couples with vastly different decorating styles, you’ll need to be even more careful when it comes to criticizing or ruling out the other person’s choices. Whether as a temporary or long-term solution, storage units provide a good option for those uncomfortable with getting rid of their favorite furniture. 

Maximize Space with the Right Furniture 

You have two large couches and one small living room. Or there’s no space for that table in your dining room-less new place with a tiny kitchen. These and other scenarios can be real head-scratchers for newlyweds and other couples moving in together. Fortunately, a new breed of furnishings for smaller spaces can help. Coffee tables with hidden storage, multi-functional media centers, and benches with lids do double duty to save valuable space and keep household clutter at bay. 
From self storage to the latest space-saving furnishings, couples and new family units can find plenty of help transitioning from two homes to one. If you’re getting ready to make the leap, get in touch with online or by phone. We can help with our conveniently located storage units in Crowley, Burleson, Joshua area

At, I Need Space all of our storage units are on the ground floor. Let I Need Space get you started with a storage unit that fits your needs and budget.  Contact our friendly team in Crowley, TX for your needs, or reserve a unit online or call us at 682-888-7708



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