Do you want a Climate Controlled Unit? Here are some tips to help, and if you Need Some Space call us for your storage needs.

October 18, 2017

Protection from Extreme Temperature

In many parts of the country, temperatures can climb above 100 degrees in the summer and drop below freezing in the winter.  If you live in a climate that
experiences drastic temperature changes, you may want to protect your items from the damaging effects of extreme temperatures. Sensitive items like wood furniture, antiques, and musical instruments can suffer from warping, splitting, or cracking due to the constant change in temperature. Additionally, items like fine art, books, or business records can also be damaged due to the highs and lows of temperature change. Climate controlled storage units are kept at a consistent temperature that is above freezing and below 80 or 90 degrees.

Items that would benefit from a climate controlled environment:
 Antiques, especially wood furniture
 Musical instruments
 Mattresses
 Books and magazines
 Electronics
 Important documents
 Upholstered furniture

Most Climate Controlled Units Have Great Air Quality

It’s common to overlook air quality when shopping for storage units. A standard storage unit isn’t sealed the same way an indoor climate controlled unit is. Because climate controlled storage facilities continuously circulate the air, the air remains clean. This prevents you from needing to open your unit just to get some fresh air inside. For the storage of sensitive electronics or documents, air quality should be high on the priority list.

Pay a Little Extra for Added Peace of Mind

Climate controlled storage usually costs more than traditional storage. This added cost is often insignificant and usually overshadowed by the peace of mind you’re given knowing you’ve protected your items from harsh seasonal changes and weather-related mishaps.

I Need Space can help. We have clean affordable storage units that are waiting to be filled with your treasures, your supplies or your brilliant prototypes. Contact us to learn more.

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