Helping Mom

July 7, 2019

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I recently changed the marquis on our sign to read, “Mama’s moving, where you putting her stuff”?  While we find that humorous, as the kids we know, we are the ones who will end up moving her. 



As parents age and live longer, more of us are finding ourselves in the position to help our parents find a place to live that can meet their aging needs.  Rather that means moving in with us, or down-sizing to an apartment or assisted living, we are left with the daunting task of helping them sort through years of stored treasures to decide what we can get rid of, what they want to keep, and what needs to be passed down to future generations.

I found myself in this very situation a few years ago.  My father passed away and Mom had come to realize that trying to keep up with maintenance and repairs of a home was just too much.  Through much discussion amongst our immediate family, it was decided Mom would move to Texas.  Wading through over 60 years of accumulation took a number of months and countless trips to the donation center.  Some of the furniture was divided between my siblings and I, and when the moving van came, it was maxed out!  We had not decided if Mom would find a rental property or apartment, or if we would move to a house with a mother-in-law apartment.

Moving for an elderly person is very traumatic.  Sorting through a lifetime of items is over-whelming and very emotional.  Being able to do it slowly can sometimes help them with this transition.  For us, I put my living room and dining room furniture in storage and moved her things into our home.  This gave her a feeling of belonging and she loved seeing her things, making the transition easier.

I rented a climate-controlled unit to store the furniture we moved, along with everything for a small apartment.  This gave us the time we needed to walk through this transition.  We would sort through a few boxes at a time and decide what was worth keeping.

I share my story with you as I hear over and over others who are going through this very thing.  Rather it’s one parent or both, it can be challenging.  At I NEED SPACE, we can help you with your storage needs and work with you as the amount of storage needed increases or decreases.  Give us a call or email us.  We are happy to help.  682-888-7708    email:     webpage:



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