Moving can be a pain

January 3, 2019

Moving can be a pain, but the right techniques and tools help prevent injuries and reduce soreness. I Need Space in Crowley Texas offers these tips for staying safe and injury-free during your next move. or call us at 682-888-7708

Prepare for a Safe Move 

Line up as much help as possible; many items require two or more people for safe moving. If splurging on professional movers helps you avoid hauling all your possessions alone, it’s well worth the investment. Whether you go the DIY route or hire movers, remove any debris or clutter that threatens to trip you and your crew. The right footwear is a must. Work boots, athletic shoes, or any shoes with closed toes and rubber soles will allow for flexibility, comfort, and traction. Work gloves provide a better grip for safe lifting.

Posture, Please 

A few wrong moves can be all it takes to turn a productive day of moving into weeks of pain and inactivity. Try these tips to distribute weight properly and reduce pressure on your back and joints:

  • Place feet shoulder-width apart with one slightly forward before lifting

  • Keep your back straight, eyes forward, shoulders back, and elbows tucked in
  • Keep items close to your waist for stability; never lift over your head
  • Push instead of pulling for less strain and better visibility
  • Move slowly and with small steps to ensure secure footing
  • Bend at the knees, not at the waist

Save time and energy by measuring doorways and stairways before moving furniture or appliances. You may be able to make large, awkward items fit by removing legs, doors, and handles.

Tools of the Trade 

When moving items into storage units, many of our customers take advantage of these helpers:

  • Stair rollers: attach to furniture for fast, easy moving

  • Lifting straps: reduce strain by lowering the center of gravity
  • Dollies: move multiple boxes after securing them with a furniture strap
  • Glides or sliders: place disks under heavy items for effortless pushing

Our family at I Need Space hopes these tips help make your move safer and more pleasant. Our conveniently located storage units can also make easier work of moving. Contact our friendly team in Crowley, TX for your needs, or reserve a unit online. or call us at


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