Self Storage Gardening Tips

February 8, 2019

Picking out the right unit can be a pain. I Need Space in Crowley Texas offers these tips for picking out the right type of storage unity for your next move. or call us at 682-888-7708.

Spring in Texas arrives soon. If you’ve been waiting to start gardening, now’s the time to take out your garden tools and to start planting your favorite fruits, vegetables, flowers, and more. I Need Space Self Storage is ready for this moment, and we’re here with useful tips on how to use our storage units for improving your gardening experience this season.

Self Storage Gardening Tips

Stow away the tiller and other equipment.

Although you can use a garden hoe to till the land, it’s much easier with a power tiller. However, large garden equipment takes up space in a shed or a garage. When you’re done tilling, you don’t need the equipment anymore. You can keep your large equipment off-site in a storage unit and take it out only when you need it.

Stock up on seasonal supplies.

With your own storage unit, you can stock up on as many supplies as you need without worrying about taking up space at home. Whether it’s a palette full of fertilizer or stacks of potting soil and pine straw, you’ll need space for all the things that you need for the gardening season. A storage unit provides extra room for supplies, so you can collect everything in one go and organize it in its own space nearby.

Save space and store the seeds you sow.

If you’ve visited a garden center, you may have seen display stands with countless seed packets. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your own stand with all the seeds for your garden? Consider transforming a storage unit into a place for storing your seeds, pots, and other supplies you need for growing. You can keep everything in the unit until you’re ready to plant.

Grow Your Garden with I Need Space Self Storage

Storage units can help to make your gardening experience even better this spring season. You’ll save space in your garage and won’t have to build a shed that takes up valuable gardening space in your backyard. Now that spring is arriving in Texas, it’s time to start gardening. Let I Need Space get you started with a storage unit that fits your gardening needs and budget.  Contact our friendly team in Crowley, TX for your needs, or reserve a unit online or call us at 682-888-7708


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