Self Storage Security

September 6, 2018

When it comes to storing personal belongings at I Need Space self-storage facility, whether it’s a long or short-term arrangement, one of the primary questions individuals usually have is, “Are my belongings going to be safe?” If you have never reserved a storage unit before or don’t know what type of security features are offered, review this list of features that can be found at a variety of storage facilities across the United States and determine which features are the most important to you!

  1. Secure Perimeter


  One of the first things renters will notice when arriving at a storage facility is if the area has a secure perimeter that will prevent just anyone from walking onto the property unannounced. It is important to consider using a self-storage facility that protects the property with a high gated fence or cement walls.  I Need Space has an 8 Foot Fence all around the property.  Barbed wire and posts on the top of the fence.​




2. Access Your Storage Unit With a Personalized Key Code 



I Need Space has offer personalized key code access to help put renters at ease since a personalized code is often times the only way the gates to the property can be accessed, both coming and going outside of office hours. If it is outside office hours, the personalized code allows you in and limits access to only your units.  If someone tries to get into a unit without their code, alarms go off and management is notified.


3. Use Secure Locks On Your Storage Unit


An Internal Lock

SecurGuard™ lock from Janus International Group™ locks from the inside of the storage unit in addition to the lock on the outside. It also locks the unit if the bill has not been paid but is in sync with the kiosk and unlocks as soon as the bill is paid so you have access to your unit immediately after payment. According to Christine DeBord, of PTI Security, “the SecurGuard™ lock from Janus International™ is only able to unlock once the gate code is entered into our keypad or mobile app”. This adds additional security to the facility to decrease the chances of a theft..

Someone was trying to break into the unit with Janus locks.  The latch was damaged, but they never got into the unit.


4. Individually Alarmed Storage Units



If you are looking for something more than just a standard padlock on your storage unit, seek out I Need Space we offer individually alarmed storage units. This type of security feature will sound an alarm if the storage unit is accessed improperly. This alarm will not only scare off any potential intruders, it will also alert the facility manager and staff that a self-storage unit may be vulnerable.




5. Eyes Are Everywhere With 24- Hour Video Surveillance



Video surveillance is a security feature that you will see often in the self-storage industry. By having video surveillance cameras placed at the main gate and in a variety of other locations throughout the property, the management team and staff at the self-storage facility will be able to have eyes and ears in every area of the facility. Being able to have a time stamped and visual confirmation of who comes and goes from the property is a layer of protection that can’t be beat!  At I Need Space we keep the observation screens with Management, but outside of public view.  After all you don’t want someone watching you while you are accessing your unit.  But all cameras are recorded. The recordings can be provided to the authorities.

6. Security Lighting



Whether you have reserved an indoor or outdoor storage unit, it is important to rent a storage unit at a facility that makes it a priority to keep the property well-lit. This is especially important if you ever have to visit your storage unit during the evening hours or if the property does not have an on-site manager. A well lit facility will not only make it easy to see inside your storage unit, it will also help keep you safe from any surprises.

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