The Advantages of Climate Control

January 15, 2019

The Advantages of Climate Control

The climate can wreak havoc on stored items in Texas. Daytime temperatures regularly reach scorching highs during the summer.  Clearly, that kind of heat is just not good for a lot of items.  By contrast, nighttime temperatures in the winter are vulnerable to falling below freezing in.

Temperature extremes can be tough on everything from wood and leather to pictures and videotapes. Some items may crack or warp. Others may yellow, while documents may become unreadable over time.

Other items that may be susceptible to damage without climate control include:

- Bedding and mattresses.
- Sports equipment.
- Metal appliances.
- Books and other paperwork.

Climate-controlled storage reduces these risks by using heating and cooling units to keep the storage space at a safe temperature, usually at a level above freezing and below 90 degrees.

(The foundation of our climate controlled building.)

Climate Control Units also help keeping humidity under control. Humidity is particularly dangerous to a variety of items.  High humidity can cause photos to stick together, or wood furniture to warp, or leather goods to crack.  Electronics, artwork and items such as pianos also may sustain damage from too much moisture in the air.

The cost of renting self-storage with climate control varies, but usually there is a premium for the additional equipment and electricity to maintain the climate in the building.

(The inside of our climate control building.)


Do You Really Need Climate Control?

Not everyone needs climate control in many cases that will suffice for people.  People who plan to store items for short periods of time probably can stick with traditional self-storage.  Climate control does rent for a premium. Clearly, the benefits outweigh the cost factor. But don’t believe climate control is the answer to everything.

Still, anyone storing expensive or irreplaceable items—especially if they hold sentimental or historical value—should consider climate control.  The monthly rental rate is not significant for a temperature-controlled environment is essential.

Our family at I Need Space hopes these tips help make your move pleasant. Our conveniently located storage units can help to store your personal items in a safe and pleasant environment. Contact our friendly team in Crowley, TX for your needs, or reserve a unit online or call us at 682-888-7708


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